Monday, October 18, 2004

Why this blog

I'm a part-time soldier who just returned from Afghanistan and who is trying to get his civilian life back in order. There's a group of people out there I'd like to be able to share my stories, experiences, uninformed opinions, angry rants, and bad attitudes with, and this format seems a lot more convenient than emailing the bunch of them everytime think of something or make a change. If you're one of those people, welcome. If you're just browsing through, welcome also, but be sure to read the disclaimer and the fine print below:

Some notes about any reminisces included in this blog: I'll only use the first names of anyone else I mention, and those names will be changed to protect the egregiously paranoid. Anyone who was one of "those disgruntled few" will be able to make the translation, and for anyone else who happens in here, the stories will read the same anyway. It might seem awkward to anyone who's ever been in the military, since addressing people by their last name is damn near universal - but its the best that I can do. We didn't give the Afghanis our names over there - and without their OK, even first names are off-limits here.

Which brings me to my second note - my stories of the war are just that - stories. I don't guarantee the accuracy of my recollection of events. If anyone remembers any details I happen to omit, or disagrees with me about the way something happened, let's talk. If anyone disagrees with my opinions, or my politics, start your own blog.


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Hi. I have a question for you but for some reason I can't select the email link. Do you have an email address?


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