Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Yet more links. . .

I added a few more links to the right - and I've re-categorized the list a bit.

Froggy Ruminations is the personal blog of a fellow operator - the fact that he's dead on with his posts is an added benefit.

Jump Blog is the blog of a former paratrooper who's now a techno-geek working on the America's Army game. Sadly, he's a former paratrooper because of a medical condition. Interesting writer - and I'm not just saying that because all techno-geek paratroopers are great writers, in addition to being good-looking and incredibly interesting people (... I'm just sayin'). Clever title, by the way. A jump log is a chronological list of all the jumps an individual has made. The jump log is a very important document in the life of a paratrooper, both because the senior and master parachutist ratings depend, in part, on the number of jumps he's made (as verified by his jump log) and because drawing jump pay (currently $150 a month) depends on being a "current jumper." (The rules are sort of arcane, but basically, a paratrooper has to make at least one jump every three months to get paid. Eligibility for pay is determined by the jump log.)

The Afghan Warrior is an interpreter for the US Army. By the posts, I think he's assigned to the Camp Pheonix mission. Interesting perspective on current events in Afghanistan.

Afghan News is the Afghan News Network. Its a good way to keep up with what's going on in Afghanistan, if you happen to be interested.


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Americas Army...good game.

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