Friday, January 21, 2005

Well, all this depresses me . . .

Its bad when even FoxNews is depressing. Most of us in the vast right wing conspiracy have been chortling over that rich and fat defender of the poor and hungry, Michael Moore, and the news that his bodyguard got busted for carrying a handgun. Yeah, the irony is rich, but neither the left or their shills at the NYTimes will get it. It depresses me because the cognitive dissonance all the pro-gun people expect this to spark in the leftistas just won't happen - Moore really believes he's entitled to special treatment because he's such a big guy (read that how you like.) He's not going to reconsider his anti-gun stance, and neither is anyone around him - it's us poor red-state yokels who can't be trusted with handguns, not the sensitive and caring intelligentsia who have more of a right to self-defense than the rest of us because they're so sensitive and caring.

In other news, it looks like the UN has decided that the US, in addition to being responsible for all of the man-made evil in the world, is also responsible for most of the natural disasters (I guess we really are the Great Satan.) All of this is based on that most psuedo of psuedo sciences: global warming. (For a rational take on the subject, see Micheal Crichton's speech here. ) And Jan Engeland, the same wack-job who complained that the US was stingy because we preferred to give money to the victims of the tsunami instead of to the UN, is prominently featured poormouthing here again. Can somebody explain to me how we became such masochists in the last fifty years? It's bad enough that the only thing the organization is at all effective at doing is providing forum for every crackpot member of the perpetually indignant, but we're paying the light bills in that godawful place. "Thank you, Mr Annan, sir, may I have another." Good Grief.

On the other hand, I read this piece about all the Kerry supporters seeking psychological support in their hour of distress, and I feel much, much better . . .


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