Thursday, June 09, 2005

Which M-4 did he have?

While it doesn't materially change my opinion of what happened, there appears to be some difference of opinion on what weapon Lt. Pantano was equipped with. I thought that the USMC procured the M4A1, not the original M-4 (which shares the "3-round burst" design flaw with the M-16A2.) Does anyone know generally which version the Marines use, and specifically, which version Pantano was equipped with?


Anonymous binarypunisher said...

I know Marines standard issue rifle is the M16A4, and the M4 was only issued to special units (like Force Recon). Im not very familiar with his case, so I dont know what unit he was with.
Hope that helps.

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Sgt Ian Machen said...

Hey, love your weblog. As a U.S. Marine with an M-4 sitting right beside me I can tell you that they have the 3 round burst trigger group. The only people who get the fully auto M-4's are the Force bubbas, its the SOPMOD one that seems to be pretty standard amongst you snake-eaters. As for most of the grunts, they are starting to issue Platoon Commanders and sometimes Platoon Sergeants M-4's along with their traditional M-9. Hope this helps!

6:23 PM  

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